An Outing With Atok@Pizza Hut

This is my dad. His name is Tuan Haji Mamat.

He is on his wheel chair but loves an outing with his grandchildren everytime. We took him to Pizza Hut over the weekend for lunch. He did not really like pizza but enjoyed the time spent with his cucu-cucu of course.

Personally, I treasured this kinda outing everytime with him. I wish my children do too.

Since my blog is like my personal journal, I hope my children especially would be able to one day browse this post through and appreciate the moments that we had shared together. Not everybody is blessed to have their grandparents around  and I think my children are among the lucky ones to have their Atok with them today.

Here are some gambar that both me and Awa snapped using my phone. So mind the quality.



2 Replies to “An Outing With Atok@Pizza Hut”

  1. Dear Kak Lang,

    With this wonderful blog of yours terubat sikit rindu I to ALL of YOU!!! And im pretty sure that your children loves their atuk very much!!
    Hopefully one fine day I would be able to visit you guys….but for sure i always doakan kesejahteraan all of you!
    Send my salam regards to Pak sure he is like hoping to see lil fifah as much as I wanna see him…:)


  2. My Dearest Cousin,
    It has always been my doa
    and I am sure my dad’s as well
    to meet ur adorable Fifah
    🙂 hope it will happen soon
    Please take care


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