Lets End This

Have us all ever wondered
What in life that we really wanted
We are adamant and epitomed
Everything seems to be inadequate
All seems to be incomplete

Life is short
Life is never easy
Life is tough
Such is life

Hey but what we want?
Shall we all take a break
Let us all be in peace
And lets all just talk
In harmony and embrace
World then, be a better place
To live and to breathe
To pacify and to love

I am tired of all these
Let me just rest in peace
And enjoy my lemonade 😀

Hani @ 250408

Nota kaki – pic by NINI (yang baru belajar menggunakan NIKONnya yg baru. Ahaks 😀 )

Syaza, ‘The Angel Witch’…

😀 what the…

But yup, true it was. I dressed her up (sort of??) to some Witchy costume (erks) in those so called horror-Harry Porter-Sleeping Beauty kinda thing…

It was her Little Caliph’s sports day on Saturday, 24 May 2008. As a gesture of my support for her tadika, I voluntarily signed Syaza and myself that morning for this game called, “Dressing Up Your Child”.

Honest, at the moment of registering, I thought… oh well, she would love it if I put on some lipstick and bedak and that kinda stuff to her face. hmmmm you know-lah kids kan.

But hell no. I was given newspapers, scissor and loytape instead!! Termenung gak jap.

Ooookkayyy…. I think I can do this. So this was her lah in her angelic witchy attire 😀 like 10 minutes later… Hahahahahaha !  (hey.. I won okay…)

Oh and, thank you keladi leaf to my official photographer for that day, Nini de great…


My Baby’s Birthday, belated.

Actually life has been hectic for me this couple of weeks at least with loads happening.

I even missed my baby’s birthday on 21 May.

She was in her school and I was in Sabah then. She called and we spoke briefly over the phone that day. Miza Syakirah @ baby as she is in our family arrived at 10.40 pm on the first day of Hari Raya Qurban in 1994. I remembered being awaken by takbir raya at Subuh that day only to realize there was some blood stains. I knew I was going to have her that day and I never looked back since then and all my hopes are with her, always.

That was fourteen years ago.

Today, my firstborn,  Miza Syakirah  is all grown up young girl. She is going to be taller then me, thats for sure… At 14, she is wearing a shoe size bigger then me!!

Her dad is still away, so the birthday treat is still pending. However, just for the fun of it, this is what happened few days ago. Thanks to her cousin, a.k.a my beloved anak sedara Nini, who came up with this idea while we were having pizza at our very own kitchen.

Happy 14rh Birthday darling.  May Allah shower His blessings upon you with all the happiness, wisdom and stardom in life.

One word that has been with us since the very first day you were in my stomach – LOVE.


I’m back from the memorable Sabah

A photo that will always speak its thousand words…

I was away for a much needed short ‘break’ with my better half to Sabah last week and have always wanted to see alive the lagendary Mount Kinabalu and God willing.., there I was.

Mafnificent sight… and cold too 🙂

And from many, many more, here are some,


Bye For Now, I Shall Be Back

Thanks to my mood swing that yesterday I ended getting some stuff for myself.  Felt better 🙂

Betul la depa cakap, shopping is indeed a good therapy.

I am travelling on Sunday to some bumi di bawah bayu… ahaks 😀 and will be back in KL on Friday. If you happened to land here, pleaase expect zero updates from me. I will surely miss writing some piece here. Not to mention, missing you eh.

Anyway, before this week end, I saw some lovely poem in one of the store yesterday that I felt sharing. It says something like this,

From the first time, I see you
I wanted to meet you
When I met you
I wanted to know you
When I knew you
I wanted to love you
When I loved you
I wanted to spend rest of my life with you


🙂 aaaahhhhh… lovely isnt it.

Have a good weekend ahead people.

…Sampai Jumpa Lagi

Futsal : Fatimah Zaharah, yours truly 🙂 , Azelin, Mas, Seri, Irah, Ziana, Captain Fatimah and Farah.

Badminton : Irah, Faza, Ros, Kak Ita, Yours truly, Fauzi, Khaizir, Rosli, Hezrin and Suhaimi.

Kalau ada sumur di ladang
Boleh Hani menumpang mandi
Kalau ada umur yang panjang
Lagi dua tahun, kita pasti ketemu lagi 😀


Hi Wire

I need to detach myself from all these worry, strife, stress and have been feeling quite sad and down these past few days and need to mellow out.  Must be the hormones huh.

… It has been busy few weeks with my sports training…, coming home late and all, therefore like sejuta house chores I simply cant find time to do, My bibik been asking for new penyapu for almost a week now, Syaza has been down with cough and fever for few days already, mothers day celebration that was not properly celebrated due to my tight schedule and all, fact that I am travelling this weekend without my juniors worries me, my eldest in her exams, Sarah and Hazim will follow suit tomorrow with their mid term, my better half is forever busy (what is new *sigh*)  bla bla bla – gosh, how can my small brain and head sustain all those ‘keserabutan’ ???!! in one go inside there.

I fight a lot also nowadays. With who?? Almost everybody Im afraid. Everything people said and do seem to be so wrong to my ears and eyes. What is wrong wei….

Hence, I am in zero mood to work today. Perhaps shopping would help huh. Catch a movie?? hmmm…

As I was feeling so ‘feelingless’ this morning, I stumbled upon this one touchy article in the paper. Lets share  : TAKING LOVED ONES FOR GRANTED BY XANDRIA OII in her Sights & Sounds column in The Star today. And I could not be agreeing with her more, on top of all ‘whatever whoever’ in our life, we tend to do this – like all the time trust me !! We simply forget… full stop.

knock.. knock…. who’s there???  Arghhhhhh…