A Beautiful Girl & A Mother

A beautiful baby you once before
My shining star now until forever
My first born all prayers worth for
And my beautiful girl, today you are

A mother, I am destined to be
I am like honey and you are the bee
For around me, you always want to be
And my little girl you forever will be

Must admit, I cried a little
Seeing you on that stage
As I lost count of your age
Coz’ still hearing you bubbling
Coz’ still seeing your strooling

Our wonderful memories that I kept
And our life slides that I cherished
Joy and happiness is all I felt
For the eternal love that we shared

For my most beautiful girl
Your happiness forever pray I will
Your roots will lead you through the ill
Daddy’s wisdom will guide thru your chill

Ibu @ 260408

Congratulations to my dearest baby Miza Syakirah on her recent achievement. We are all very proud of you 🙂 Alhamdulillah.

7 Replies to “A Beautiful Girl & A Mother”

  1. You know what this is call dear?
    … isi bakul angkat sendiri 😀
    Its like what my Sarah said to me today,
    “Ibu perasan lah tuh!”..
    and I was like???? mana lah pulak korang belajar nih wei…!!


  2. Wow a breath taking, worth reading piece. Words straight from the heart I assume. Well written 😀

    Please convey my best wishes to your daughter on her recent success and her future success as well.


  3. To be quite honest, Im very much in wait for your comment everytime Hani put up a poem here.
    Why? In the simplest way, U made me understood how to be better.
    And hey, I read ur latest. It is something huh? Great piece.


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