Sad Day To Some

I got this little friend who turns sister. Her name is Liza. Used to work with me here in my office. She was doing some YES training here for few months before. We shared almost the same background. We both came from a broken family and we since, fast becoming close friends and still are till today.

She buzzed me early this morning with one shocking and terrible news. I am writing this infact on her request and her message is VERY LOUD AND CLEAR – to all RACERS out there – PLEASE USE THE ROAD WISELY BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT JUST SIMPLY KILLING YOU OWN BL**** SELF BUT OTHERS AS WELL!!!

Thing is, the accident happened on the same day when I wrote my earlier post about AM I GOING TO BE OKAY as per HERE  on last Thursday, 24 April 2008.

😦 gosh what a terrible coincidence it is indeed.

I wrote that post in perhaps later part of that morning and she was involved in the accident later at about 6.30 pm on the same very day somewhere along in Puchong road there!!  In fact, she even left me a comment for my post that day, citing and praying that I would be okay… and it turned out, sadly she was the one who did not.. *sighed*

Oh dear Sis Liza, I am so like shocked when you buzzed. From her story, it was a bad one and caused by some idiot racer driver who was racing with god knows what !!! Erks.

We paid the same road tax guys so like puhhhhh-leeeeseeee….. DO think with your head and brain, and not some smelly  part of your body!!!!

As for Liza, sad it is that now her newly bought MyVi is stranded in some workshop and let us all doa for a safe life it is. For both of us, most importantly insyaAllah…


One Reply to “Sad Day To Some”

  1. thanks 4 putting up my sad n scary story here in ur blog..sakit ati terubat ler sikit wpun kerete masih di ‘hospital’ carefull ya to everyone..:)


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