Joyous Moment

In the spirit of this wonderful Friday, I am very syukur to share this tiny-not-so important news of mine 🙂

My eldest girl, Miza Syakirah rang me few days ago from her school. She spared me one lovely news that I am sure all mothers would feel proud and kembang 🙂 (I did).

But mostly, I am syukur that life is as such and kind to me. Could not be asking for more. So, me and better half off to her school early tomorrow morning. Miza eventually emerged as the best student for English subject for the year of 2007 for the form 1 student in her school, SEPINTAR.

Great news huh.

Speaking of which, I better remember not to forget to bring the digital. She was like… Ibu, dont forget the digital… I will perhaps post some photos of her later kay.

So, that magnificent news would  wrap up my weekend nicely and hoping the same for you guys as well.

Please take care.

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