Am I Going To Be Okay?

As I am posting this, my head is still doing this wishful thinking – that I am going to be okay, InsyaAllah.

What happened?

I feel like sharing this with my gentle readers. I was early to work today – got stuff to do in the office. As I made my entry to the new Putrajaya Highway, there it was – the jam!!! like eversince I discovered this shortcut to office (thank you hubby 🙂 ), the road has been smooth running. Almost immediately, I knew there must been some terrible accident that happened in front there somewhere – looking at the momentum of the cars then.

I witnessed lots of road accidents before and never really bothered by them. Honest, I m like not even thinking about anything. But this morning, I was very anxious to find out what actually happened. After like almost 45 minutes in the jam, then I saw the cars. It looked like five cars were involved and my heart particularly sank upon looking at one of the cars. My guess, that kancil was the one that was hit most badly.  Sigh.  Quietly, inside my heart, I prayed tthat the driver was safe – whoever he or she may be… So not me huh to be bothered by such.

Then, awhile ago, my boss came in. He was from his outside appointment and quickly called me in.

Boss – “Hani. I had this dream last night. You came to me in white and tell me that you are now working in DagangNet”.

I looked at myself, yeah okay Im wearing white blous today??

Boss – “Have you found out about the Dagangnet thing?” ( I am actually thinking to switch work to Dagangnet – some personal secret of mine… ).

Hani  – “errr.. nope. Not yet. I might not be interested afterall.., why are you asking?.

Boss –  “You were in white last night in my dream, and you ARE wearing white today !”  What a coincidence huh and he gave me that huge grin, smiling.

Whereas I was like… what??? I came in white?? Gosh… I was nervous then and even till right this moment as I am typing this, I am still nervous.. Me in white? hope it is just some myth-thing-sort-of you know… me in white? Road accidents?

Am I worrying too  much? Thinking too much?

I shall be ok, I will be okay, InsyaAllah… (My heart is beating at an extraordinaire rate right now).

Amin to that. Like zillion times.


6 Replies to “Am I Going To Be Okay?”

  1. wow hani , that must have been a bit mcm tingling in ur heart and everywhere kan ?
    hahhahahah , and don’t worry hani , u will always be safe , angels are always looking after good and nice ppl !
    u know the funny thing when i was reading this was that …
    urrmmm what was ur boss dreaming .. sampai ada u lagi . . hahahah
    must be one heck of a dream !


  2. Thank you for nice words dear
    You been too kind as usual
    As for my boss tuh
    Its indeed ‘his’ dream and entitled to any
    But one thing for sure
    He is worrying too much about me
    Being a lovable person himself
    (He might be reading this, so shhhh… 😀 )


  3. kak i guest ur feeling of something might happen with the clue of an accident n en nan’s dream eventually did came true…the one involved with an accident was me that day… 😦 soooo sad my new car crash abt 2 moths after own it..huhuhu lucky i was not injured..anyway pray 4 my safety ok


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