😀 yup ‘this’ is what been keeping me busy these past few days.

Me and few more girls in my office are now busy kicking (if that can be called kick- la 🙂 ) the futsal ball. We are having our futsal tournament in May and hoping at least to kick in some goals into the net) hahahah.

So now we are like buat buat busy la practising and like honest, never knew futsal is this fun! I tell  you all sort of kicking flying like everywhere.. hik hik.

I am very adamant with my team because the girls seem to have such a good time playing and exercising at the same time. Not to mention laugh. Laughter is everywhere and I love seeing them so happy like that. Life is afterall only meaningful when you are happy. Let it be whatever.

So, I will keep you guys posted with our progress (if there is ever any?), so that hopefully I can get some ‘free’ pom pom girls and boys who would come and cheer us up on our tournament day.  My graphic guy was like asking me awhile ago if I have any idea on what motto to put on the banners that he is designing right now and  I am like… hmmm biar kecoh, janji menang ?  Erks… !! do you have better idea? Help me out.

Till then,  have a lovely day today.

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