How I lost My Temper @ Kopi + Tiam

To begin with, I am a Kopitaim lover.

There is this new outlet of Kopitiam Old Town coffee somewhere along Jalan Klang Lama. Nearing Mega Mall there. Eversince its opened, I have been there few times either with my officemates or friends. Strategic place and near my office also.

(To be quite honest, personally I think the food is not as good as the rest of its outlets and the ‘gentle’ waiteresses at this specific outlet – they are honest like … erks !!…. Perhaps not all-lah,  but mostly are like, either they dont like to work there or they dont like me eating there ! You know that not so ‘welcoming’ look that these girls have?

Worth mentioning here that the waiteresses at this specific outlet are mostly Malay unlike other outlets when they are mostly either Myanmar-ian or Indonesian – that would explain the ‘face’ la I guess…

Ok anyway, today, I was there again lunching.

We ordered. Eaten and chatting.

One female waiter came to our table (tanpa diundang??). To least that I was concern why she came at the first place, as I was not even looking at her face, she took our order chit that was placed nicely in that bekas ‘thing’ that they put on each table. And, she like left. Quite frankly, I did not quite catch her indecent act or what was she doing with that chit at the first place anyway.

Like 2 seconds after that, out of my own curiousity, I picked up the chit and realized it was not our order chit !!

That’s about it. I completely lost my head and temper. It was like, we did not even call you just yet as we still wished to be there??, you like came, macam bagus-bagus, not even a smile or ‘excuse me’ being a polite Malaysian, invading our private conversation, took that bill for some *&665#$$##$ fu***ng reason inside your stiff brain and SWITCH THE bloody BILL !!!! For what weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!

I insisted on my existing bill and wadya expect, they could not locate it. Now, this is what I called stupidity. Mind me and I rest my case.

Thats about it, not going there anymore.

Mr Kopitiam Manager, you just lost one customer today and you know how this kinda thing work – you lost a customer today, you will loose another 100 tomorrow.



4 Replies to “How I lost My Temper @ Kopi + Tiam”

  1. omg hani …
    this happens to me quite often nowdays in KL , and i thought i was alone
    hahahah , i mean is it that hard to get a good service these days .
    sorry that u had to go through such disrespect and tacky service
    . goood thing that you gave us a tip , atleast we could avoid one mistake rest.
    before it does happen to us ..


  2. Salaam.
    ‘Accidently’ bumped into your blog while checking out some stuff on the net. If my guess is correct (based on your revelation about working for BH) then you must be HH’s former secretary, right? I do misses the place too. I used to operate, if you can call it working, from the 5th floor. Used to hang out with your ex-boss. You know, the normal stuff like fishing….ha ha.

    Just cant resist dropping a line or two i your blog. Catch you later cos i’m really on the fly. Cheers…


  3. Your guess is right and
    I am glad this blog has
    brought back so many of my
    lovable friends on net 🙂
    back together
    … and where are you now operating?


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