Emotion Rules

When emotion rules
Our soul blossoms and yet crash many hearts
Our happiness is content but will hurt many feelings
Our ego satisfies and why bring tears to others?

When our emotion rules
We just speak, we could not care less
We made stand, we wont step back to compromise
We only argue, we wont mellow to mature
We will hurt, we wont calm and demure

Sadly, I was there
And walked that same road, trust me
I only let my emotion rules
I was never thinking, never considers
And broke many heart along the way
I was suffering and I went stray

Hence gladly today
I am being awaken and shaken
Next time round, perhaps in another chance
My emotion wont rule, but my conscience

 Hani @ 200408

4 Replies to “Emotion Rules”

  1. Glad that I read this one on the date itself, still fresh 😀

    First two stanzas, are good. Especially the beginning, starts off strong.

    But as I reached 3rd stanza, it gets kinda weak. The feeling, sadness, still there can feel it. But not as strong as earlier stanzas, sorry 😉

    However, you end the poem well. With words showing that you have come to your conscience, everything is seems to be clear to you.

    Overall, I would say still a good reading 😀

    Keep writing.


  2. I read your comment again and again
    Trying to understand what do you mean exactly
    Like honest
    After perhaps 3 reviews
    Then it struck me
    Yeah you are rite
    the middle stanza is indeed a let go
    and yes weak
    🙂 now i had better understanding
    of poetry writing, must admit i only write
    what i feel
    never wanting to learn
    until today it is perhaps 🙂
    So, what else can i say
    but Thank you, appreciate it.


  3. salam..kak not 2 comment abt ur poem..coz i, me n myself mmg x pandai pun soal2 ayat2 ni..by the way..yesterday i went to the retaurant u mention in ur blog..Bora Asmara…tension experience lah…so hard to find the place..n yet the sign board is soooo damn vague…manage to find the place tho..but x gi mkn pun coz we came early n it only opens at 6pm..so sadly fine other place to eat lorr.. 🙂


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