Baby, Heal Me

This seemingly bizzare
We are entangled by intrigue
Why are we trying to be there?
Why are we playing with fire?

Baby, how do you feel?
Why do you want to heal?

Nothing that we uttered
Yet we are feeling so hurt
And we dont want to say a word?
We stood there, not even smiled?

Baby, how do you feel?
Dont you want to heal?

We both are in hay
Perhaps finding what to say
Worrying it might be grey
Hurting meΒ and you in some way?

We both appeared silent
Sketching what to paint?
Wanting to say it right?
Wanting to make it might?

Perhaps Baby
Lets just hug, and don’t say a word
Lets just kiss, don’t move a yard
For I am safe within your sight?
And I am alive only in your heart?

hani @ 010408

Have a lovely weekend people πŸ™‚ Get plenty of rest kay.

2 Replies to “Baby, Heal Me”

  1. It seems that I’m 1 week late for this poem :p

    Anyway, regarding the poem. One word, beautiful. I would love to talk more on it, but I guess the cat got my tongue.

    Is this true feelings? If so, I’m wishing the very best for the two of you πŸ˜‰

    Once again, it’s a brilliant piece.

    Keep writing πŸ˜€


  2. Your reviews has always put smile to myself πŸ™‚
    Thank you
    And if I may say, life is indeed complicated huh?
    have a lovely weekend


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