Awa’s Update

To my dear friend, Mariani who has eventually found my blog quite recently (shy I – ahaks), since Im like least busy today, here is some updates on Awa.

Who is Awa and why?

Awa is my one and only sister in law. She is my better half’s youngest and only sister. Awa basically grew up as a teenager with me and we spent like so much time doing stuff together. She was hardly 14 years old then and has now grown to a fine (with temper bit – wonder who she got it from.. hmmm 😀 ) young lady. She found her true soulmate like 5 years ago and blessed with a lively and bubbly girl, Damia Qaisarah and sweet charming boy, Eusoff Ammar.


Being ke hulu and ke hilir with me from those ancient years, many many and like many of my friends would always be asking about her whereabout and updates whenever I made my public appearances (macam artis pulak.. hehe) without her. Hmmm

So To Mariani, yes that young man in my previous posting is Awa’s beloved hubby. His name is Nasrul Rizal and these the are their lovely kids. Many more to come, I am sure for them, so you need to keep visiting here kay. 

Hey babe, take care and I miss you. Call me.

4 Replies to “Awa’s Update”

  1. hmmm wot happened to her eh? no news at all tak kan vanish eh hehehe anyway do send my rgds to all of them yeah…

    miss u guys!!!


  2. Dear Hani,

    TQ for the updates…. Miss me??? Or miss all my “kutukans”???? Anyway,I don’t have your phone no… Ini le akibatnya bila simpan dalam handphone dan kehilangan handphone tu.

    Eventhough, we have not been in touch for a long time, it does not mean that I have forgotten you… Mail me when your are free.

    By the way, comel-comel anak Awan. Dia pun ada temper ke? Belajar kat Kak Ipar ke? I am just joking, I don’t think you have that in you…


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