I had this vision
Fast becoming my illusion
Im into much depression
And on my death mission

I dont dream anymore while sleeping
Long smeared the joy in my laughing
I cried with no more tears trailing
I am screaming as if I am mumbling

Am I really dying?
Or am I plainly dreaming?

I can no longer decide
Even while I am awake?

This is indeed scarry
I am concern, do I need to worry?


3 Replies to “Shades”

  1. O friend, for the morrow let us not worry
    This moment we have now, let us not hurry
    When our time comes, we shall not tarry
    With seven thousand-year-olds, our burden carry.


  2. Dear gentle visitors 🙂
    You know how it is with penyajak dan sajak nih…
    We are the one who is always berangan
    and thats about it afterall eh
    Media people should know better 😀


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