YIPPIE.. and I’m back

🙂 Hello guys…

Miss you, miss you, miss you 😀

Well, Hani is back. My Secretaries’ Conference in Pulai Spring commencing from 10-11 April 2008 was awesome!! It was extra ordinary lovely feeling to be away from office every once in awhile. Really…

Should do this more often huh.

My girlfriends snapped so many photos, and I will definitely put up some here once I received it in my mail. Errr… Dee? Pls?? hehe.

I was back in the office  yesterday, busy day it was with a new colleague, Adrian leaving us already. He is our scholar and got a much better job offer in New Zealand !! Ghee.. some luck huh.

So anyway, hope you guys are in well while I been away. Lots had happened I am sure, while hoping everything went well. For you. And for Me.

Have a lovely day ahead guys…


One Reply to “YIPPIE.. and I’m back”

  1. hey hani , just wanted to wish you a happy secretaries week !

    i am glad u had a blast of a time at pulai spring .
    sounds like a lovely place to bask in the sun ….

    anyways lovely to hear that ur back , now we would see witty post from my fav blogger again …
    Cheers Darlin !


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