Happy Secretaries Week? Month?

My fellow secretaries ( that I know and whom I wish I know),

April is here again.  For us Secretaries, this is like month to get ‘once in a year’ opportunity to go and unwind ourselves – jalan jalan, let it be jalan jalan outstation or jalan jalan, cari makan. Ahaks.

When I was in the media mainstream for many many years before, April is truly heaven.  Almost, I mean A L M O S T every week, me and few fellow colleagues will get invites from our partners for Secretaries’ Luncheon at various hotels. Pergh, I tell you, you name it. April is the month to GAIN WEIGHT !! 😀

Dont ask me too many questions why are we, secretaries are much celebrated. Honest, I dont know. As far as I am concern, from day one I chose this career as my periuk nasi, April is the month for us. Full stop.

Just bit of info, check it out HERE .

So gang, Happy Secretaries’ Week it is to all the lovely and charming secretaries out there, ehem ehem yours truly included… 😉

On my personal note, I am off to Pulai Spring Resort, JB tomorrow for our Annual Secretary Conference,  UEM Group Secretary Conference 2008.

I shall be back in KL by Friday. I am sure will miss my blog and my dearest regulars. Have a good weekend ahead people.


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