I Missed Balai Berita

I was with Berita Harian for more then a decade, working. OH MY GOD, I did? A decade???

Wow, that long eh…  Hmmm… No wonder, I seemed to know everybody and remembered eveyone. I left merely for some reasons only me knows. I remembered crying and begging for it. Ha ha ha.

I missed that place. Its almost home. Oh and my friends and colleagues there. God I missed them so very dearly.  You may kutuk whatever about our media, but I love that place, like so much.

Speaking of my colleagues, I got a surprise short note from a long long long dear friend in BH in my yahoo mail today. And, I must admit, I was jumping from my chair reading his short email. I was ecstatic !! He wrote there in his brief mail – ….. he found my blog !!!

Hmm… eversince Im like into this blogging thing (aspired by a friend of course) apart from my love for writing, I am like meeting new people every other day. Nice isn’t it.  But, meeting old friends again tru this blogging thing, for some reasons can be tearful and sad…

So, to my ‘BH friend-you know who you are’.. 🙂 please drop in again. Leave me something here and lets teh tarik?? It has been long long long time eh.


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