How We Are Completed

You’d say

I am temperamental
Often loose my judgement
Not to mention, I can be jumpy
I am vocal, talk too much
Perfectionist, everything to my standard
Everything had to be done my way
I am too strict and serious
I have no rules and regulations
What more priorities
I nag, and too noisy
and, I complain, complain, complain?

I’d say

You are too cool and relax
Does nothing but sleep
Tiredness is never a reason, but simply lazy
Every tiny thing need to be picked up from floor
Your decision is final, I dont have a say
Too quiet, cant even crack a joke
Cant do this, Cant do that
Am I the only one who is not allowed
Am I the only human being with fault
Too busy, taking me for granted
And I feel second, next to  your work
As if I am born yesterday?

But again, did not all of the above indifferences that complete US ? Hmm….

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