Feeling Gracious


I am gracious
Hence many are forgiven
Hoping the same in return
Praying I will go to Heaven

When I am gracious
Worries indeed lessen
I am more confident
I am now self driven

It is okay to loose balance, rather falling
It is okay to swallow medicine, rather ailing
Problems will have its solving
Just be happy, stop worrying

I am finding peace with my mind
I am nearing joy and able to comprehend
I am pursuing happiness, and made my stand
I am reviving, no more pretend

You may find this amusing
But I feel like jumping !

Hani @ 040408

(nota kaki – my boy, my great happiness and yaayyy.. its FRIDAY !!!)

2 Replies to “Feeling Gracious”

  1. Good writing 😀 But, sorry to say, your final two lines seem to be too simple. Not that it’s wrong, but for me, less interesting 😦

    Anyway we are focusing on the poem as a whole, which is a good piece 😉

    Someone should quote this line, “It is okay to loose balance, rather falling”, as most of us (me, included) worried so much bout even losing a balance.


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