I am Communicating

Okay where do I begin.

I dont judge people. I dont hate people. Who am I anyway to judge and to hate.

In return, I hate to be judged and I am sad upon people hating me.. even I am sure, for some reasons there may be, I m being disliked or cursed.  Again, who am I to stop it from happening.

However, if should there is, ever (hopefully not) that I am not to ‘keen’ with some human for some reasons that I wish to keep far far away inside my heart, I simply stayed away. I avoid any communication. As much as possibly I can.

It may sound crazy or dumb to some, but I dont want to get hurt and I dont want to hurt others as well.

So, thats it. Thats me. Thats how I communicate. I am not good at expressing my feelings. In fact I’m lousy at it – so, this is how I communicate – I keep my distance.

Full stop. Have a good day people..

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