As I Remember It


I remembered the drizzle
And I was not even running
Instead, standing and staring
With my tears sadly glazing
Whilst those faces and feeling
Were blurring and fading
I grasped finding and hoping
Someone would come hugging
It would have been indulging

I remembered in my heart crying
With nobody listening
Hence, I am no longer smiling
Not to mention sighing
It is indeed saddening
Nobody bothers coming
No one runs rescuing

I remembered the feeling
when my heartbeat slowing
Memories are smearing
Thoughts are pausing
Sights are vanishing
And love is dying…

Hani @ 020408

** Nota kaki

(Photo of Yassin, beloved son of the talented Emila. My kudos)

To my concern friends and cousins 😀 – thank you for worrying. Ahaks. I am fine with a blessed life. Sajak sajak jiwang karat nih sajer jer.. told ya I love writing? 😉

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