A Beautiful Girl & A Mother

A beautiful baby you once before
My shining star now until forever
My first born all prayers worth for
And my beautiful girl, today you are

A mother, I am destined to be
I am like honey and you are the bee
For around me, you always want to be
And my little girl you forever will be

Must admit, I cried a little
Seeing you on that stage
As I lost count of your age
Coz’ still hearing you bubbling
Coz’ still seeing your strooling

Our wonderful memories that I kept
And our life slides that I cherished
Joy and happiness is all I felt
For the eternal love that we shared

For my most beautiful girl
Your happiness forever pray I will
Your roots will lead you through the ill
Daddy’s wisdom will guide thru your chill

Ibu @ 260408

Congratulations to my dearest baby Miza Syakirah on her recent achievement. We are all very proud of you 🙂 Alhamdulillah.

Sad Day To Some

I got this little friend who turns sister. Her name is Liza. Used to work with me here in my office. She was doing some YES training here for few months before. We shared almost the same background. We both came from a broken family and we since, fast becoming close friends and still are till today.

She buzzed me early this morning with one shocking and terrible news. I am writing this infact on her request and her message is VERY LOUD AND CLEAR – to all RACERS out there – PLEASE USE THE ROAD WISELY BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT JUST SIMPLY KILLING YOU OWN BL**** SELF BUT OTHERS AS WELL!!!

Thing is, the accident happened on the same day when I wrote my earlier post about AM I GOING TO BE OKAY as per HERE  on last Thursday, 24 April 2008.

😦 gosh what a terrible coincidence it is indeed.

I wrote that post in perhaps later part of that morning and she was involved in the accident later at about 6.30 pm on the same very day somewhere along in Puchong road there!!  In fact, she even left me a comment for my post that day, citing and praying that I would be okay… and it turned out, sadly she was the one who did not.. *sighed*

Oh dear Sis Liza, I am so like shocked when you buzzed. From her story, it was a bad one and caused by some idiot racer driver who was racing with god knows what !!! Erks.

We paid the same road tax guys so like puhhhhh-leeeeseeee….. DO think with your head and brain, and not some smelly  part of your body!!!!

As for Liza, sad it is that now her newly bought MyVi is stranded in some workshop and let us all doa for a safe life it is. For both of us, most importantly insyaAllah…


Joyous Moment

In the spirit of this wonderful Friday, I am very syukur to share this tiny-not-so important news of mine 🙂

My eldest girl, Miza Syakirah rang me few days ago from her school. She spared me one lovely news that I am sure all mothers would feel proud and kembang 🙂 (I did).

But mostly, I am syukur that life is as such and kind to me. Could not be asking for more. So, me and better half off to her school early tomorrow morning. Miza eventually emerged as the best student for English subject for the year of 2007 for the form 1 student in her school, SEPINTAR.

Great news huh.

Speaking of which, I better remember not to forget to bring the digital. She was like… Ibu, dont forget the digital… I will perhaps post some photos of her later kay.

So, that magnificent news would  wrap up my weekend nicely and hoping the same for you guys as well.

Please take care.

Am I Going To Be Okay?

As I am posting this, my head is still doing this wishful thinking – that I am going to be okay, InsyaAllah.

What happened?

I feel like sharing this with my gentle readers. I was early to work today – got stuff to do in the office. As I made my entry to the new Putrajaya Highway, there it was – the jam!!! like eversince I discovered this shortcut to office (thank you hubby 🙂 ), the road has been smooth running. Almost immediately, I knew there must been some terrible accident that happened in front there somewhere – looking at the momentum of the cars then.

I witnessed lots of road accidents before and never really bothered by them. Honest, I m like not even thinking about anything. But this morning, I was very anxious to find out what actually happened. After like almost 45 minutes in the jam, then I saw the cars. It looked like five cars were involved and my heart particularly sank upon looking at one of the cars. My guess, that kancil was the one that was hit most badly.  Sigh.  Quietly, inside my heart, I prayed tthat the driver was safe – whoever he or she may be… So not me huh to be bothered by such.

Then, awhile ago, my boss came in. He was from his outside appointment and quickly called me in.

Boss – “Hani. I had this dream last night. You came to me in white and tell me that you are now working in DagangNet”.

I looked at myself, yeah okay Im wearing white blous today??

Boss – “Have you found out about the Dagangnet thing?” ( I am actually thinking to switch work to Dagangnet – some personal secret of mine… ).

Hani  – “errr.. nope. Not yet. I might not be interested afterall.., why are you asking?.

Boss –  “You were in white last night in my dream, and you ARE wearing white today !”  What a coincidence huh and he gave me that huge grin, smiling.

Whereas I was like… what??? I came in white?? Gosh… I was nervous then and even till right this moment as I am typing this, I am still nervous.. Me in white? hope it is just some myth-thing-sort-of you know… me in white? Road accidents?

Am I worrying too  much? Thinking too much?

I shall be ok, I will be okay, InsyaAllah… (My heart is beating at an extraordinaire rate right now).

Amin to that. Like zillion times.



😀 yup ‘this’ is what been keeping me busy these past few days.

Me and few more girls in my office are now busy kicking (if that can be called kick- la 🙂 ) the futsal ball. We are having our futsal tournament in May and hoping at least to kick in some goals into the net) hahahah.

So now we are like buat buat busy la practising and like honest, never knew futsal is this fun! I tell  you all sort of kicking flying like everywhere.. hik hik.

I am very adamant with my team because the girls seem to have such a good time playing and exercising at the same time. Not to mention laugh. Laughter is everywhere and I love seeing them so happy like that. Life is afterall only meaningful when you are happy. Let it be whatever.

So, I will keep you guys posted with our progress (if there is ever any?), so that hopefully I can get some ‘free’ pom pom girls and boys who would come and cheer us up on our tournament day.  My graphic guy was like asking me awhile ago if I have any idea on what motto to put on the banners that he is designing right now and  I am like… hmmm biar kecoh, janji menang ?  Erks… !! do you have better idea? Help me out.

Till then,  have a lovely day today.

How I lost My Temper @ Kopi + Tiam

To begin with, I am a Kopitaim lover.

There is this new outlet of Kopitiam Old Town coffee somewhere along Jalan Klang Lama. Nearing Mega Mall there. Eversince its opened, I have been there few times either with my officemates or friends. Strategic place and near my office also.

(To be quite honest, personally I think the food is not as good as the rest of its outlets and the ‘gentle’ waiteresses at this specific outlet – they are honest like … erks !!…. Perhaps not all-lah,  but mostly are like, either they dont like to work there or they dont like me eating there ! You know that not so ‘welcoming’ look that these girls have?

Worth mentioning here that the waiteresses at this specific outlet are mostly Malay unlike other outlets when they are mostly either Myanmar-ian or Indonesian – that would explain the ‘face’ la I guess…

Ok anyway, today, I was there again lunching.

We ordered. Eaten and chatting.

One female waiter came to our table (tanpa diundang??). To least that I was concern why she came at the first place, as I was not even looking at her face, she took our order chit that was placed nicely in that bekas ‘thing’ that they put on each table. And, she like left. Quite frankly, I did not quite catch her indecent act or what was she doing with that chit at the first place anyway.

Like 2 seconds after that, out of my own curiousity, I picked up the chit and realized it was not our order chit !!

That’s about it. I completely lost my head and temper. It was like, we did not even call you just yet as we still wished to be there??, you like came, macam bagus-bagus, not even a smile or ‘excuse me’ being a polite Malaysian, invading our private conversation, took that bill for some *&665#$$##$ fu***ng reason inside your stiff brain and SWITCH THE bloody BILL !!!! For what weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!

I insisted on my existing bill and wadya expect, they could not locate it. Now, this is what I called stupidity. Mind me and I rest my case.

Thats about it, not going there anymore.

Mr Kopitiam Manager, you just lost one customer today and you know how this kinda thing work – you lost a customer today, you will loose another 100 tomorrow.



Emotion Rules

When emotion rules
Our soul blossoms and yet crash many hearts
Our happiness is content but will hurt many feelings
Our ego satisfies and why bring tears to others?

When our emotion rules
We just speak, we could not care less
We made stand, we wont step back to compromise
We only argue, we wont mellow to mature
We will hurt, we wont calm and demure

Sadly, I was there
And walked that same road, trust me
I only let my emotion rules
I was never thinking, never considers
And broke many heart along the way
I was suffering and I went stray

Hence gladly today
I am being awaken and shaken
Next time round, perhaps in another chance
My emotion wont rule, but my conscience

 Hani @ 200408