Breakfast Anyone?

Weekend and breakfast bak Irama & Lagu jer rasanya…

My girl was back for the weekend, so we were packed with ‘things to do’, one of them was of course, d usual breakfast at McD…

Them as usual 😉



6 Replies to “Breakfast Anyone?”

  1. yup i nak!!! roti canai power leh tak?? hehe…

    whoaaa the kids looked so happy eh kak lang havin brekkie kat Macs isshhh nie pasti woke up early ah *winks* asal tak kejut kan kita kak lang…leh jugak tumpang sekaki hehe…


  2. That ‘guy’ in the last photo tuh
    soklannya ialah.. “baper biji nak le-le (shorform for gula-gula)
    and his answer was “fiveeeee !!!”
    siap ngan jari jari sumer kuar
    hehe 😀


  3. hahaha….siap ngan expressi muka lagi!
    Kids are kids eh…..
    btw, ader any remedy for bad cough tak sis? Im been havin bad cough for a wk…doc tak kasi cough mixture lak tu…(:


  4. Oh dear me
    cough during ‘this’ time
    can be rather discomfort
    no particular ubat really
    but try lot of hot water
    and less ice? or ZERO ice?
    But if for kids
    Honey is proven good for phlegm u know…
    Get well soon hun


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