Ask Them

Why does the sun says its day light
While the moon says otherwise
Why blame it on the nights for the fright
While the darkness says otherwise
Why blame it on frogs for the rain plight
When the drizzle says otherwise

Strange world today it is..

But for honesty and smoothies
Go and ask these kids
What is love and kisses
They’d say daddies and mommies
And ask them again what is happiness
They’d say pool it is!!!



These are some of many photos taken recently during one of our outing for my kids. I tell you, nobody hates pools huh?

5 Replies to “Ask Them”

  1. Razin is my handsome@manja@toy@mengada boy. Heheh
    The last pic is jeng jeng jeng Miza
    Hmm… nampak sgt tak baca sajak i tau
    speed reading la nih..;)


  2. Whoaaaaa….seems like u guys especially the kids were havin a wonderful time eh *winks* & yes nobody hates the pool tapi i prefer kat redang, beach dia so powerful!!!

    Shaza puts on weight eh kak lang but she does look adorable…isshh tak sangka jugak eh ur Razin @ Ronaldo tu hensem jugak btw asal tak nampak muka Mirza, malu kot 😛 abish gambar u maner, tak swim ker kak lang oi??!!


  3. I swim kat lain jer la you 😉
    but if you looked carefully darl
    yg gambar last tuh mizalah tuh
    gambar dia sorang with her swimming attire
    dah kena censored by the Lembaga Board


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