With or Without


With or without you
That cold and dirty river still flows
That breezing and sad wind still blows
The humid yet bright sun still shines
And that most beautiful warm moon
Never forgets to penlight

With or without you
That old clock on my wall still tick tock tick tock
The rotten novel I been trying to finish still flip flap flip flap
And that old rattan chair still rock rock rock

Nothing has actually paused or stopped
Neither with you
Without you

I am indeed still here standing and breathing
I still eat, drink and unwind
I am still working and earning
Most definitely surviving

There in my heart
Choose, with or without
I still long to be With
You …….

Why ?


4 Replies to “With or Without”

  1. ur so talented kak lang tak sangka yer u nie memang ader bakat terpendam…ishh u leh jadi penyair lah 😉 tau tak per kan kwang kwang kwang but i luv it…keep on penning down ur poems alrite….


  2. Im sure all of us
    are blessed with so much talent
    yg perhaps still terkambus
    go and dig gurl
    have a lovely weekend. Muahs..


  3. This piece, sorry to say, it’s okay. Compare to your previous, I don’t feel much on this one 😦

    Just a little advice, try not to make your phrase too stretched. Keep it short and sweet 😉

    Do write more 😀


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