Warkah Buat Teman

21 March 2008

Dear Rynn,

Hope this letter finds you well.

We both came from two paths that will not collide. We have shared many many stories and memories together yet we disagreed as much. We spoke in the same language but in a different dialects.

They say, the one you love most would usually hurt you most as well. I seek my forgiveness if I, for some reasons it may have been, along the way, had unintentionally hurt your feelings. I guess, I am still the normal human being afterall.

We have come this far as friends and I pray to go even further for another at least hundred years may be.

Being wishing for that, also another year wiser you are today, hence with much love inside my heart, I am wishing you Happy Birthday, many many happy returns for the day darling.

May happiness is what awaits you at the end of all this.

Have a fabulous time today !


Much love,

21 March 2008

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