Japanese Anyone?

Cam best plak citer pasal jalan jalan cari makan nih 😉

Here is another one.

From where I came from (errrr Kelantan btw), Japanese would be the last food on earth we craved for.  Then, I never actually know there is few types of food available for all races in this beautiful Malaysia at least. I thought, the only food is like nasi, perhaps ikan, daging, ayam and budu of course. Yes !!

So anyway, now that we are alive and kicking in KL it is, I have also fallen in love with Japanese food. They are not too bad really.  Hence, it has been quite awhile since I tasted Japanese, so yesterday, with a friend, we landed at Genki Sushi.

Enjoy the photos. Makanan tuh tengok jer la. Sebab dah habisss pun…



Perhaps dah like petang, makanan dalam troley berjalan pun dah kureng. Hmmm.

Best part among all, this is my first time really @ Genki Sushi, and I actually learn how to mix and stir my own Green Tea !! Not bad huh…

2 Replies to “Japanese Anyone?”

  1. Babe.. kalo ko dah jatuh cinta w japanese food.. u should try Saisaki.. japanese buffet restaurant @ Unit 1-9, First Floor , Wisma UOA II Kuala Lumpur. Over 50 items are available for the buffet lunch (MYR39.80 on weekdays; MYR43 on weekends) and buffet dinner (MYR43). The range covers sashimi, sushi, tempura, yakitori, yakiniku and teppanyaki. Free-flowing green tea is part of the package:D


  2. i think i been there darling
    time tuh ngan rynn and gang, nor was there too
    If that is the place, indeed nice 🙂
    and guess what, semalam aku land lagi kat Genki Sushi nih
    ngan my family laks


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