The delish Delicious


Weeks back I had lunch at this one fanzy restaurante, Delicious with my boss and few of our business associates. During that day,  Sarah eventually rang me from home. She asked where was I then and I replied, Im lunching. She eventually asked me where did I eat to which again I replied, Delicious sayang…

And she was like, huh?? Delicious..??

And I was like yup, one day I bring you here kay..

Last Saturday it was, me and my kiddos pun jalan jalan la cari makan ke situ. It was indeed a very delish Delicious 🙂 Kids enjoyed the food tremendously. Lapar la nih punya kes..

Just incase you are wondering where it is, it is at the Ground Floor of the new wing of Bangsar Village.

Here are some photos (as usual). I eventually snapped them from my mobile, so mind the quality kay..





after that sumptuous meal, we proceed to most happening place in the world for the kids – the book store !!

Me? …. errrrr 😉

Here are them.



By the time we headed home, Syaza was already fast asleep with her jari inside her mouth..

9 Replies to “The delish Delicious”

  1. Mmmmmmm…delish delicious indeed! yum yum….u really make me drooling la kak lang ooii!!! But tak kan makan spaggeti aje kot? I macam nak makan lasagnia la…isshh…


  2. oh lasagna
    hazim had that – three cheese lasagna
    I asked him, how abang ngah?
    and you know what his standard answer is
    Sedap bu….
    🙂 hehe, come lah, on me?


  3. OMG three cheese lasagna skali gus!!! gagah abg ngah!! hehehe…all sedap tu him!
    Kak lang dont tempt me okay…i nie pantang di cuit but then CHIEF tak approve la…tu yg frust menonggeng tu!!! arrgghhhhh!!!


  4. hahaha
    no sayang
    the name of the lasagna is three cheese lasagna
    but single meal jer he had.. 😀
    i also wonder why but it looked yummy
    hmmm should have taken a photo ( i dont like lasagna sgt)
    but serious hun
    turun la…
    sebelum meletup wei…
    kak lang belanja m*** punya


  5. we shuld go there .. i mean our grup.. and u shuld try the Scones with Blueberries.. it’s like heaven on earth.. so deliiiicious 🙂 and the plain looking Olio… tell ya’ girl… Fuiyooh…


  6. WHOAAAAA….nie confirm delicious kan…alamak kak lang, u nie kan buat air liuh i meleleh lah…dah lah yem keje nie isshhh cam nak ajak dia turun KL skarang jugak…

    Hazim nie tul lah buat me lapar lah…the name pun cam so irresistible gitu, tu confirm lah yem suka cos ader cheese…so cheezy him hahahaha 😛

    Kak lang, ur younger son dah besar eh…sori me lupa namer dia lah maklum tau only ronaldo hehe….jgn marah yer….juz too many names to remember!!!


  7. His name is Razin ‘robust’ Hafizi 😀
    and this place darlings
    u mestiiiiiiiiii suka punya
    sedap sedap food dia
    extra cheese semua…


  8. ahahahhaha .. delicious …
    i love this rest…
    but it was so much better when they started
    cause the service was way excellent and ambience was way cosy
    now its not that anymore
    but i know the food is certainly good …
    have u tried the chcocolicious sunday or the tiramisu
    now those are my fav
    ur kids look like they enjoy it so much …
    and bookstore … kids .. they really know whats fun right ?


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