Remembering My Ayah – 15 March 2001

Exactly 7 years ago today, my dad, Allahyarham Ali bin Salleh passed away due to heart complication. I was only five days into my confinement with Sarah then. Believe me, it was not easy….

I missed him so dearly and my al-fatihah…

We did not spent much time together and I did not get the chance as his youngest daughter to actually to get to know him better, but till this moment, I seek my humble forgiveness from him.

Mudahan Allah SWT mengampunkan semua dosa-dosa ayahanda dan menempatkannya di Syurga Firdaus bersama-sama para solihin. Amen… 😦

4 Replies to “Remembering My Ayah – 15 March 2001”

  1. I’ve lose three people of whom I loved so dearly in all my life, grandad, uncle, and a friend. All were taken away for the same reason, cancer. Same as you, I always wish as there is time for me to seek forgiveness with them, as I believe I have done too much mistakes with them. But, wish, is all I got.

    With His permission, may your dad, my grandad, uncle, and friend will be place among those He favours. Amen


  2. Amen to all our doa and prayers with my thank you
    FYI, I lost my mom too several years back
    Indeed, I missed her, only God knows 😦
    But again, Life goes on
    Lets cherish single second of it


  3. Assalamualikum…
    Ibu I’m sorry cause you lost your dad.I love you>>>I’m very bersyukur to have parents.I am sorry if I did wrong.I just can’t say it face to face…I LOVE YOU…Doakan for my result…


  4. I know how it is like to have lost someone dearest…I lost my dearest sis 102days ago. How i wish we can turn back the time & cherished those moments together & seek forgiveness….
    Nevertheless, Al-Fatehah to them. AMIN. 🙂


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