Sarah’s Birthday- d’ celebration

The new week is almost over.  New week?  Well, last Saturday we were under the wing of Barisan Nasional, and come Saturday tomorrow, marked our new days under the wing of new ruling party and our new MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.  Whoever or whatever party it is that ‘in power’ now, my only wish is still to have this peace of mind to be with my family, going to work and doing our normal chores and routines. Whatever it is, congrats Malaysian.

As for us, we have been up and down celebrating our lil’ princess birthday, Sarah. I finally managed to download few photos taken during her little birthday ‘do’ at Mc D on 10 March 2008.  Eventually She was not feeling too well that night but I am sure, she had huge fun 🙂



sarah3.jpg sarah4.jpg

sarah5.jpg sarah6.jpg


and the photos like continues….. 😉

Till next year it is Sarah darling… we love you so much…

6 Replies to “Sarah’s Birthday- d’ celebration”

  1. Whoaaaa…celebrate b’day tak ajak kita eh?!? *sob sob* we’re also the MacD kids u noe hmm takper nanti kita dtg, Sarah & ibu hv to treat us hehe 😛

    So i bet u all had a great time celebratin yeah…tats so cool!!! Aper pressie u kasi kat dia kak lang? hehe kaypoh sikit…tau tak per kan *winks*

    Chocolate cake tu looks really yummy & made me drool jer lah…ishhh betul lah awak kak lang buat me cravin for tat hahaha 😛

    Anyway Sarah, we owe u a b’day pressie so Insya Allah will see u when we see u k…take care & hope u recover soon! hugs & kisses fr us to u MMMWWWWAAAAHHHHHH 😀

    ps: kak lang, ur lagu ah so moody lah…tukar lah sikit…ishh buat i nak tido jer & each time i surf ur site, i’ve to shut the music first hehe sori hor not my kinda style lah 😉


  2. Besday present? Like i said, birthday dia macam hari raya..
    She asked for satu Jaya Jusco (hehe)
    Nasib la ko anak ayah Sarah oi…
    But, she herself want to have a hamster, so hamster it is la…
    As for the song, errr 😉
    (i sort of agree with you, but wordpress punya song collection memang lousy)
    🙂 See you soon eh?


  3. Wow bestnyer!! Celebrate kat McD..with the WHOLE gang!!

    Well Sarah Aunty Tina doakan semoga Allah blessed you with good health, menghormati ayah & ibu & berjaya ke menara gading, insyaallah!

    Satu Jaya Jusco eh…mcam nie aunty Tina leh bankcrupt! hehehe…


  4. Whoa skarang ader hamster huh!!! alamak nampak laun aku tak duduk diam2 kak lang…kucing me dah takut aper kan lagi hamster, roboh satu bukit jalil agaknyer when i scream for help hehehe 😛

    Sarah, Aunty Mel jeles lah u nak satu Jusco…leh tak me shop for free kat saner?? btw ayak confirm said orite nyer hahaha agak nyer alang terus hide himself away fr me kan…pantang jer dngr free shopping…kwang kwang kwang 😛

    Kak lang, i rasa kan u buka satu mall lagi best cos leh kita shop for free…wot say u eh?? *terbliak biji mata awak kan hahahaha*


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