Princess That Turns 7 Today



To my Princess Sarah Kamilia who brilliantly turns 7 Years old today. This is a little something for you. I know you have always loved to hear me telling about you and your babyhood over and over again. 🙂

Its your birthday again.  Yes darling… I know you been waiting soooooooooooooo lonnggggggggggg for this date… And, there is just no words that Ibu can find in any dictionary in this world to tell you how much Ibu loves you. You are my life and my strength….

You are indeed one of the best thing that ever happened in my life. And here is your little story for today darling…

You were born at exactly 4.40 pm this evening after spending about 9 months plus in my big tummy then.


When you were small sayang, you looked bit tanned (oops) and we never be more syukur for you..


Just look at you…. You have always loved the camera and limelight from small darling.


One of your trip to your favourite place in the whole world 😉


Told ya sayang….. you have always been the cheeky one eh. And we love you greatly darling..


Look at you today!!! Now are you still wondering we call you our princess dangdut !! 😉 always singing and dancing…


Sarah is a beautiful name of the wife of Hazrat lbrahim (peace be upon him) , a prophet of Allah Almighty
And has always been my favourite

To my lil Princess…

The day when you came, Sarah
I had tears of tremendous love, joy and syukur in my heart
Not to mention the same, to your ayah and ur bro’s and sis’s
You were my proudest moment

When you were small, Sarah
You were our Sarah Seri Dewi Malam
For you choose to sleep daytime and play nighttime
And needs all the rocking and lullaby in the world
For you only sleeps in the warmth of your dad’s arms

When you were small,  Sarah
You had this most amazing smile
With this most beautiful crying sound in the world
We’d  all just sat there
Watching you to your beauty sleep
And kissing you to all your wonderful dreams
Playing with all the angels

And today that you are 7, Sarah
You are forever our tiny little baby
And you are the most beautiful princess
That any mother and dad could have
In the entire universe…

Ibu and ayah always doakan
Sarah will always being watched over by Allah Al-Mighty
and all His angels
May anak ibu
Blessed to be the best Khalifah and Champion
In everything and anything that you wish to do….

Go ahead and have beautiful day today my darling…  Your present is on the way and lets go to Mc D tonight and celeberate. 🙂

8 Replies to “Princess That Turns 7 Today”

  1. Happy Birthday lil’ Princess 🙂
    Ha dearie, pls send my hug n kisses :-* to Sarah d’ besday girl.. gosh..and i miss you my dear fren.. i baru balik from lgkawi yesterday nite.. and today..rasa cem nak bunuh org jerr but.. ur blog always keep me smiling and feeling wonderful…


  2. Halo Sarah (slang org puteh) *winks*, both Aunty Mel & Uncle Yem wanna wish u a very Happy 7th Birthday!!! May all ur dreams & wishes come true yeah gal 🙂

    So ibu kasi u b’day gift aper eh?? hmmm takkan GUESS lagi kan kwang kwang kwang…u cud be the GUESS model u noe 😉

    Hv a blast celebratin ur special day & remember us always k!

    Hugs & kisses fr us to u MMMWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHH 😉


  3. 🙂 she been bugging me to post some writeup
    for her birthday here in my blog
    So, tonight she will surely read this
    But im sure, she is the happiest princess for today
    As for the present, nanti later
    i will post it here
    as bahagian II (ahaks)
    Thanks Mel, you are the best!


  4. We are breathing the air without even seeing it
    Strange huh
    So, birthday wish is indeed thanked by Sarah
    Without even seeing you..
    🙂 She had a great time today


  5. Happy birthday to darling sarah.. Sorry sayang aunty sherry was a bit bz to drop by at your ibu’s blog yesterday but i managed to tell her to kiss u for me . As for Ibu.. again after millions of time.. let me tell u this again.. ur poems always have this special touchy feeling to my heart 😀


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