We Missed Damia’s Birthday

Remember Damia?

Just incase, this is her with Sarah and Syaza – they are basically the three stooges in our family.


I was helping her mom to bidankan her (ahaks)  when she was born till she is about few weeks old. She is practically like my very own and calls me ibu herself.

Thing is, I always thought her birthday is like after Sarah (Sarah is on the 10th)  Luckily she only turns 2 this year, and hopefully (amin) when she turns 3 next year, I will remember that her birthday is actually on the 6th March !!

God Damia. Ibu felt so sad and lousy. Felt terrible that I missed you turning 2 😦

So 2 it is already huh. Time seriously fly. Feel like only yesterday, ibu pergi mandikan u eh.  Ibu loves you tremendously and always and please be on look out for me if mommy becoming difficult kay… 😉

One day when you are big enough to read, please drop in my blog and read this.  I can still feel the warmth having you in my arms and spending our moments together in that tiny bath tub bathing you, singing… You were half crying and smiling then, and look at you today sayang, already running and bubbling….

Special wish and doa also come from Pak Lang, Kak Long, Abang Ngah, Arah, Jaja and Ajin 🙂

Ibu wishes you the happiest birthday ever. I am sure you had super duper celebration with your lil bro and proud mommy and daddi. Not to mention Atok and Nenek who are also with you.

Allah will always watch over you…. Amen.

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