Am I That Good My Friend?

Its truly an amazing tiny feeling that I had whenever I touched people’s heart (I did??? hmmmm) Anyway, million happiness it is to me that only oneself can tell…

That simple poem that I wrote in less then 15 minutes yesterday for my lil princess, Sarah captured my best buddy’s heart eh. Wow… I am glad + touched + honoured + all the good feelings…Ā 

She even suggested and encouraged for me to send it to some magazines for publication… Ish. Thanks babe for your words that truly meant so much for me, but let me think how small I am out there. Let me learn how to crawl first… first few steps would be tough I know, but God willing eh.. InsyaAllah.. one fine day it is then…. šŸ˜‰

Oh btw, just for fun this is my morning meebo chat with her @ today…. (sori babe that i published it here). Lets share it with the world, shall we? šŸ˜€

[10:47] Sherry: tuh lah
[10:47] Sherry: jemaat malam aku dah balik
[10:47] haanii_ali: safe trip babe
[10:47] haanii_ali: orang ramai balik mengundi
[10:47] haanii_ali: drive safe
[10:48] Meebo Message: Could not connect to network.
[10:48] Sherry: omg babe
[10:48] Sherry: what a beutiful poem u wrote for sarah
[10:48] haanii_ali: why dear
[10:48] haanii_ali: (shy)
[10:48] haanii_ali: thank you so much dear
[10:49] Sherry: ala2 terngenang airmata aku
[10:49] haanii_ali: there is this guy
[10:49] haanii_ali: Shidi
[10:49] Sherry: so touchy
[10:49] haanii_ali: oh my….
[10:49] haanii_ali: thank you dear
[10:49] haanii_ali: means so much for me
[10:49] Sherry: =D> bravo
[10:49] haanii_ali: aku memang into poetry sebenarnya
[10:49] haanii_ali: dari dulu
[10:49] haanii_ali: (shy)
[10:49] haanii_ali: byk yg aku scribble kat sepah sepah kat note book
[10:49] haanii_ali: aku ingat aku nak put up one by one
[10:50] haanii_ali: just for my personal collection
[10:50] Sherry: nice.. it so beutiful
[10:50] haanii_ali: thankx babe
[10:50] Sherry: y don u get them published
[10:50] haanii_ali:
[10:50] Meebo Message: Could not connect to network.
[10:50] haanii_ali: wow that good huh?
[10:50] haanii_ali: shy aku wei
[10:50] haanii_ali: hehe
[10:51] haanii_ali: but thank you relaly
[10:51] haanii_ali: means so much for me
[10:52] haanii_ali: .. and i was reading it again
[10:52] haanii_ali: ah ah la aku lak ala ala sedih
[10:52] haanii_ali: thank you my friend
[10:52] haanii_ali: you have been there
[10:52] haanii_ali: always
[10:52] haanii_ali: and i thank you

4 Replies to “Am I That Good My Friend?”

  1. Censor Board said
    Kat situ, I mentioned
    How there is this guy, name Shidi
    With his amazing natural words in poetry
    that inspires me at the same time
    šŸ™‚ cheers


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