My World of Poetry

They say, there is always another half of you that shied away, even from your own self.  And so do I. But, everytime I bring myself ‘there’, I am very much at peace. I am in my own world, writing and scratching about things or anything at all that is happening around me, my feel, joy, laughter, excitement, hatred, boredom, sadness – like I said, Im being myself ‘there’…

And for some reason that God knows, today I stumbled upon this beautiful site Shidi. Young artist in the making. Read on and hope you will enjoy his poems as much as I do.

Sarah K, My Princess

I remembered when I was there
One free sprited soul I was
No bath, no food
Just being happy
Days would just passed
I was not even counting
Just looking forward for another new day
For sure it will eventually come knocking
And my happiness would conclude

I remembered when I was there
Rice was the only cake that I tasted
And candle would come handy only at nights
Never music nor songs

And now when its your time, my princess
I hope someday you would also remember
You will have your cake and candles
You will blow your laughter and joy away
As your birthday is here again
And I would say to myself
How lucky you are my princess
For I reckon
That my happiness is again concluded
Seeing your beautiful smile
And singing Happy Birthday to you, my princess…

hani, mac0408

(My lil princess, Sarah Kamilia’s birthday is fast approching in a few days time and we both are very excited about it…)

4 Replies to “My World of Poetry”

  1. Hello Hani,

    Thanks a bunch for featuring my blog here. I truly appreciate that. Now I feel like writing :p

    Just to let u know, your site is being listed in my blog roll list as well. Can’t let a good talent as yours being wasted 😀



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