Better Day









I was down with a viral fever over the last weekend. Sesekali sakit is actually a good reminder and breather of how unappreciative we are when we are feeling better.

But, I am back on my feet again now and looking at things at a different perspective.

Just something short to share with you people today. I was on bed last night with my lil princesses sharing some bed stories before their bedtime.

Sarah and Syaza just love to hear me bragging and rewinding again and again about their ‘nine months stay’ in my stomach. I think last night marked my 267,546 times telling them. Sigh 🙂

My favourite part tho is when they would tell me how they felt while they were there !!! I tell you, these girls are good at story telling…

Complete with their face expression, frown and everything, they would describe in details how cozy they felt, how sleepy, how tired, how hungry, what they heard, they claimed they even heard me fighting with Ayah 😉 – I must be in one of my pregnancy moods then eh girls …hehe.

But anyway, we shared a good story telling everytime. I would tell them how I felt and they would tell me theirs.  All of us ended sharing the same bed malam tadi till this morning….. Yawn…

Errr… sori dad? 😀

2 Replies to “Better Day”

  1. Hahahaa….thats why they are called KIDS?! Full of imaginations & expressions…..
    Quality time together eh….;) I hope one day also i would be doing the same to my lil ones..:)
    And of the ayah…puasa for one day?! 😉


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