What’s with this numbers kids?

These past few days, in average 1 in every 4 photos snapped, these three little ‘rascals’ of mine¬†would show me some numbers with their fingers. Hmm…

I did ask them the other day, and all of them, either being ignorant or being ignorant? Erks..

So tell me guys, what with these numbers anyway…



But then, I just remembered, didnt’ we all once upon time ūüėÄ liked to do ‘all sort’ gimmicks as well the moment the flash was on?? Hmmm….

Breakfast Anyone?

Weekend and breakfast bak Irama & Lagu jer rasanya…

My girl was back for the weekend, so we were packed with ‘things to do’, one of them was of course, d usual breakfast at McD…

Them as usual ūüėČ



Ask Them

Why does the sun says its day light
While the moon says otherwise
Why blame it on the nights for the fright
While the darkness says otherwise
Why blame it on frogs for the rain plight
When the drizzle says otherwise

Strange world today it is..

But for honesty and smoothies
Go and ask these kids
What is love and kisses
They’d say¬†daddies and mommies
And ask them again what is happiness
They’d say pool it is!!!



These are some of many photos taken recently during one of our outing for my kids. I tell you, nobody hates pools huh?

With or Without


With or without you
That cold and dirty river still flows
That breezing and sad wind still blows
The humid yet bright sun still shines
And that most beautiful warm moon
Never forgets to penlight

With or without you
That old clock on my wall still tick tock tick tock
The rotten novel I been trying to finish still flip flap flip flap
And that old rattan chair still rock rock rock

Nothing has actually paused or stopped
Neither with you
Without you

I am indeed still here standing and breathing
I still eat, drink and unwind
I am still working and earning
Most definitely surviving

There in my heart
Choose, with or without
I still long to be With
You …….

Why ?


Testiclular Torsion

My son, Hazim is fully recovered and back to school. He is still under doctor observation and will be visiting the doctor again, like soon.

As he is recovering and confirmed ‘Torsion free’, I’ve been make known with this new medical term – Torsion. Least that I know what it meant, but since it is something that ‘involve’ his ehem ehem, I became worried sick then.

For sharing purposes it is, this is some medical term that I found about this Torsion (what a name, like tension, torn or something.. ouchh must be painful then eh….).

Just in case you are still wondering, please read about this Testiclular Torsion HERE .

Indeed Unpredictable

Often we said, hidup kita nih belum tentu apa sudahnya… bla bla bla.. life is unpreditable bla bla bla, wadya expect? bla bla bla..

Read on below guys. What had happened to my life few days back. Erks…¬†Tell you, I only can¬†confirm this¬†– life is INDEED UNPRECTABLE !!!

The story of my life for that day, Thursday, 20 March 2008 began.

It was Maulidul Rasul (peace upon him), meaning it was a public holiday. Yeeha.

Me and my better half decided to take the children out¬†for a movie and some makan-makan. What is holiday for us except for tido, but for the kiddos –¬†public holiday means an OUTING !!

We headed for Sunway Pyramid that afternoon. Parking was terrible, after rounds of pusing-pusing, my better half get pissed-off and decided to park illegally at some lorong somewhere (tell you, so not him).

Kids were hungry then, lets go makan first before the movie. Hmm… Genki Shushi it was again ! (Arggghhh…. just had this like 3 days ago guys?..). So anyway, I snapped some photos of them.


Children loved it. Okay, lets see, dessert anyone???

Baskin Robbins it is.¬† Oh no.. the very very fattening. But again, its kid’s outing.. so here they are.



Okay, see that boy there, my son Hazim? Enjoying his double scoop of the amazing-fattening ice-cream?

Hmm, and this is where He, me and his dad landed like less then 2 hours after that..


hmmm.. told ya. Life is very much unpredictable eh. Well, mine at least… sigh.

Thing is, he did fell sick few days before that Maulidul Rasul holiday, he was like demam, but least that I thought it was something alarming. So, took him to clinic and got his medication and was on his road to recovery then.

Eventually, that unfortunate day, my guess after like series of jalan-jalan around the Sunway Pyramid, he like so suddenly turning pale, refused the movie that we planned to watch and insisted on going back. He then, started to like walking senget-senget already, like so much in a horrible pain.

After torment-ous investigation from no-other but ME ūüėČ , then the whole story came out.

He fought with his friend, another boy, like few weeks back. And this ‘friend’ actually kicked his private part during that fight!! GOD.

Imagine ME upon hearing it then!! I was so worried and so bloody pissed-off f*&05TY#$ with that stu-peed boy !! I rang the Penolong Kanan of the school like almost immediately and rushed our son to our family clinic.

From there, he was referred, suspected of Torsion (what the hell is that anyway) …

Soon, three of us landed at SJMC, Trauma & Emergency ward.

It was indeed traumatic for me initially but after few doctors attended to him including the Neurologist and calmed me by saying, he did not think it was Torsion (????). However, he decided to do full blood and urine test just to be sure.

After like few hours waiting for results, both of them came back negative (syukur Alhamdullilah..), the doctor then suggested we went for the full scan (to be like reaaaaallllllyyyy sure) that¬†he is fine, and we did just that. Again, like an hour of waiting, results came back and showed minor infection ‘there’ ūüôā and it was definitely confirmed not TORSION (I will look up in some medical dictionary for this soon).

We were so relief. But boy.. hit other part next time okay, but errr… not that ‘one’ puh-lessss….. Tell you, its your life and its very costly also?

These are the rest of the photos I took just for a rememberance (so-called).


His stressful dad, upon results came out negative, decided to pose with his lovely boy ūüėÄ


It was my first experience at the Emergency & Trauma Ward. I am sure, it is at some¬†experience and knowledge for me, my better half and Hazim, himself mostly….

Life is very¬†very much unpredictable… Lets all of us hope for the best eh.

Warkah Buat Teman

21 March 2008

Dear Rynn,

Hope this letter finds you well.

We both came from two paths that will not collide. We have shared many many stories and memories together yet we disagreed as much. We spoke in the same language but in a different dialects.

They say, the one you love most would usually hurt you most as well. I seek my forgiveness if I, for some reasons it may have been, along the way, had unintentionally hurt your feelings. I guess, I am still the normal human being afterall.

We have come this far as friends and I pray to go even further for another at least hundred years may be.

Being wishing for that, also another year wiser you are today, hence with much love inside my heart, I am wishing you Happy Birthday, many many happy returns for the day darling.

May happiness is what awaits you at the end of all this.

Have a fabulous time today !


Much love,

21 March 2008