Boss, Its your Birthday !!


He may be a BOSS but he is one of the most reasonable person Ive known. Could not ask for more really. The most happening boss he is…

On my personal note, I have learnt alot from him. He gives me tremendous ideas, let it be about work, life or anything at all and encourages me to give my ideas also in return.

He gives all the spaces in the world for me to just be myself in the office. He understands that mistakes do happen and give me all the opportunity to be back on my feet again and move forward. He is however,  almost a perfectionist.

Oh and since he has alot of ongoing projects and assignments in his mind, he usually need a lot of reminders from me (afterall thats what secretaries do huh).

(Bukan membodek eh, err tapi a good round of Bonus would be nice …) 😉

But WHAT MATTERS,  is that today is his birthday @ 28 February 2008 ! So, to Adnan Ismail Sire..


5 Replies to “Boss, Its your Birthday !!”

  1. kak hani send my warmest wish to en adnan eh…hepi birthday..smoga pjg umur n bahagia 4ever n last but not least hehhe ckp kat en. nan iza nk gak present 4 my coming birthday nxt month..hahahha…


  2. Halo kak lang…sori nie takder kena mengena ngan ur boss nyer b’day lah cuma i got no response fr u ah…nie lah i heard fr along tat b’day party for the gals dah change ker? cos yem dah applied for leave ah & dunno whether can change…lemme noe pls!
    Thank u!!! btw not bad ur boss for his age 😛 patut lah u sayang betul keje nie hehe….


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