I Been Away


 Kia Ora people.

Life has been on a hectic schedule for the past few days.

My lil kido is not feeling too well. Down with viral fever and soon also, he had this huge blister inside his tiny mouth. Poor my manja boy…

He is now on his road to recovery tho. Alhamdulillah. And this morning, heard the other sister complaining about him already.  He is okay dah la tuh… (since he is back at his usual self membuli semua orang kat rumah 🙂 )

And, as I am typing this morning, however, my throat hurts and I think I am going to catch flu myself soon. Hmm…

Weather has not been helping neither.

Anyway, I was reading Star this morning and landed at this one interesting article and I would like to share it here.

Xandria Ooi wrote, – One thing I have come to realise is that it would be difficultf for me to be with a man who has all the amazing qualities that I see, if I am not already, or willing to work on being the same kind of person….


She also added on to her article with this short breathtaking story.

A couple were chatting on a bench in the park when they heard an animal going “Quack Quack !”.
“Listen, darling; there’s a chicken here!” exclaimed the woman.
“No, honey; it’s a duck,” chided the man laughingly.
“No, it isn’t, darling; it’s a chicken,” said the woman confidently.
“It’s NOT a chicken! Chickens go ‘Cluck Cluck’ and ducks go ‘Quack Quack’!” pointed out the man in frustration.

After arguing for awhile, the woman broke into tears. The next day, the man felt awful because the woman he loved was crying and he felt he should have just agreed with her.

She also said: In today’s modern world, how sure was he that what he had tought was a duck was not, in fact,, a genetivally modified chiken? And in real life, there would have been times when we had been absolutely sure that we were right, only to be porven wrong.

And to conclude, she said, sometimes it does not matter who is right or who is wrong; what matters is that we are happy…  

Hmm… interesting. Over to you guys.. thought for the day it is huh 😉

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