Bring It ON


I am a normal Malaysian.

And I have my dissapointments of course being one. Lots of issues that I wish the ruling party would have done better and improved.

However, I have never been more proud but to be a Malaysian. I am sure, it is not an easy task to please each and everyone of us anyway..

And as the election news and banners becoming the current phenomenal at almost every tiang letrik and lampu, or jalan or traffic-light or almost anything at all, nowadays… (sigh),  I tot it would add on to some fun today to just share this one with you guys. I cant help but to smile reading it….

Hope you will share the same smile, when you read here  😀

(Sape yang paham, fahamlah.. my Singaporeans cousins sure nganga la tuh…gasaklah korang. hahaha).

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