Sports Carnival a.k.a. Fun


(The ONE who bawak bendera is my son, Hazim 🙂 )

sport1.jpg  sport2.jpg  sport3.jpg

It was my kids @ Hazim and Sarah’s sports day @ Sekolah Keb. Seksyen 2, Bandar Kinrara on Sunday, 17 February 2008.

My son, Hazim won the Gold Medal for the Melontar Peluru event for the year 5 student. Yaaay… we are so proud of him and we all are very excited about it. He also helped his Pasukan Putra Kuning to win the bronze medal for Tarik Tali event. Yaaay again 😀 You are the man boy !!

Okay now here come the hillarous part of the event. Hehe.

I must admit eversince my other girl, Miza got her 5As in her UPSR in 2006, the teachers at the school have somehow or rather became buddy buddy with me. Huh? 😉 I am sure you guys understand how this kinda thing work rite.

Its cool sometimes I think. Many of my urusan sekolah has become easier as well. But the ‘not so cool’ part was that come time like sukan or mesyuarat PIBG in the school, the teachers would always be on the ‘look out’ for you.

Its like, “eh mana mak miza, mana ayah miza”.. you know that kinda thing. God it can be iritating sometimes really.

So, last Sunday punya sport event, once again, me and few other moms became the ‘moms on the look out-again’….

The acara kemuncak of the sports carnival was acara sukan for parents-and-teachers.

Hmmm… i guess you are reading me already. Yupp… I was again on their look out and end up participated in the Tarik Tali event and the 4×100. 

(Can I have my laugh first??? hahahahahah)..  😀 he he (nak ketawa golek golek rasanya).

But we all had fun really.  And we were not too bad neither. The parents telah menyapu bersih semua pingat pingat (ahaks) yang dipertandingkan !. Let it be for both the moms or the dads. We, moms – eventually won the tarik tali event and my team won the bronze for the 4 x 100 event for moms.

Oh and I just need to mention this, few of the parents (including me definitely – appreciate to note that we were in our jeans and heels???). hehe.

Like I said, we had fun.

11 Replies to “Sports Carnival a.k.a. Fun”

  1. halo kak lang….got dis msg?? kalau no, hmm confirm lah something wrong wif me or the connection hehe….anyways, kencang sey u main tarik tali in heels geeezz tats sexy….well u’ve always bn a sexy mummy *winks*

    si hazim tu nyer lah cute haha lum lagi nak lose weight ker dia kak lang…ishh awak nie…dera dia makan ker 😛 haha jgn marah

    well miss u all lah…lamer sey tak jumpa & hopefully dpt turun nx mth to celebrate DQ & SK nyer b’day eh…mesti power kan!!! kad jemputan dibuat ker??? 😉


  2. yezza Untie Chomel is here!!
    oh the sport was indeed huge fun
    and hillarious too hahahaha
    as for the besday for both SK and DQ
    Reaaalllly hope to see you guys
    My love to Yem 🙂


  3. Kak Lang, first impression when i see the 1st photo, i tot it was one of the pre-election gambar…but after reading the caption, OOOOHH MY GOD!!! Its Hazim indeed!!! masyaallah…..Hes HUGE( pardon me, eh) but hansem & macho though..:)
    Am I reading it correctly..YOU in the Tarik tali & RUN in heels???!!! hmmm, dats is Sexy baby!!;)
    I still could not believe it…….im trying to visualise that…….!!

    Anyway, congrats to both Hazim & You…..Go girl!!


  4. Told ya babe.. You shouldn’t miss putting this in you blog. Everyone was like.. wat??? tarik tali??? or huh??? heels??? sprint run??? Uiyoooo… hahahhaha


  5. yeah i cant believe it at first but knowin my kak lang…well tat is no surprise to me haha 😛 sexy mummy kata kan hehe…

    oh yeah kak lang, i was losing u earlier in here cos i kept typin but no reply fr u so tats why i logged off anyway i’m very happy to see ur comment in my site….geezz great to hv u there btw i dah add u tau so jgn lupa approve me *winks*

    so now kak lang, u hv additional task yer tat is to update in multiply oso for us & we wud luv to see pics of u & the family in KL…i ader jugak urs & the kids…check it out bebeh on my album *blinks*

    hv a great evening….MWAH!!!


  6. Gheee guys
    Now I am like
    Ha ha ha (shy)
    But thanx sheri babe for ‘insisting’ that I post this one
    But I had fun really
    And a good laugh also


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