Lost time

I have this frustration.  And I do not know how to talk about it. Letting out has not been my thingy.

Hmmmm. Have you ever wonder why when everything seems right and purfect with your life, yet you feel something is missing somewhere, this emptiness?.  To make it even worst, you do not even know what it is. But deep down, you are just feel sad and empty.

I have this one friend.  Can be quite a long time ago. My best friend in the entire universe. My shoulder to cry on. My ear to cry my heart out.  Well, kinda ny chauffeur, brought me here and there that I need to go.

Sigh 😦

We were often mistaken as lovebirds but we were not, never were and never will.  Its just plainly a platonic relationship.

But something terrible happened in between the time and he is gone now. No longer my friend. They are right you know, the one that you care most is the one who will hurt you deepest.

These past days, I have been feeling kinda low and sad, and I missed him. I missed just having him around. I used to ‘mengarah’ him like for almost everything and he would just do it for me happily. For some reasons, he just would.

I don’t know. I just don’t know. Wish I can pull back  all those lost times….


9 Replies to “Lost time”

  1. You will never lose a friend
    you will only lose them if they are not your friend

    friend always stay for whatever it is
    having fun with a friend is not the same as
    being happy with a love ones
    love ones should be your only friend/s

    although love is a big word
    people mistakenly use it for other purpose

    but being opposite in personality for example
    doesn’t mean you cant be a friend
    like cat and dog
    they look they can fight with each other everyday
    but some are just too good to look at(to be true)
    when those animals are friends
    now thats magic
    letting it pass
    is like seeing one million uSD came down from the sky
    and not doing anything


  2. i dun know la hani.. how long u and your good friend can be together gether.. what i can c it is difficult both of u to seen each other everyday.. u know la masing2 have their commitment. any way i berdoa moga2 u and ur friend will get along…k


  3. I went through this exact same thing almost 3 years ago. My best friend is my son’s “Godfather” – a person who takes on a vow to make sure that my son receives his religious upbringing and education if my husband and I were to die.My best friend and I met in 4th grade (age 9 or 10) and were best friends for 31 years until 3 years ago. I have heard NOTHING from him – no response to cards or phone calls.. he just wrote us off – yet he works for a radio station and has my son still listed as his “Godson”. We have ALWAYS been platonic and never had any reason to not be. I can relate and I do feel your pain and loss, as I have been through this myself. There are more people like us in the world. Some people do not understand platonic friendships with best friends, but I do. You are a kindred spirit having gone through the same experience I went through. I live in the U.S.A. in Buffalo, New York.


  4. Hello there a new friend who lives in buffalo.

    This is an ancient write up but yeah, shit happens huh.

    I still miss him and hope he is safe somewhere in this world.

    Hope all is well with you and fam.

    Take care all.


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