My Syaza Irdina

I am actually pretty ‘bz’ today in the office 😉 . Yezza. Unbelievable it is huh…

There is this important launch coming in our JB office and since its a trend for everybody nowadays to be the ‘lastminute’ person to do anything at all (sigh) – everything become last minute and rushy-rushy thing here and there and I ended being busy la..

And, it will be another weekend tomorrow… Wow time flies.

I just feel like leaving these amazing photos to share with you for the weekend.

This is my girl, Syaza Irdina. She will be five this July.  (Am sure all of you all are introduced btw).

I was updating some photos for my Flickr and finds her smile simply amusing. She has a beautiful smile I think (isi bakul angkat sendiri ke Hani??)


Wadya u think?

 So, lets enjoy these eh..




Have a great weekend people 🙂

One Reply to “My Syaza Irdina”

  1. This little girls of yours has grown up to a sweet little girl. It has been awhile since I last saw her and I missed her. I heard she is already in kindergarden?


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