Sheets Folding

🙂 hello people.

This Umar guy @ his blog has become one of my favourite eversince I landed ordering his delish Transformer’s Cup Cakes (that I discovered thru his blog) for my son’s birthday a few months back.

This brilliant young boy with much interest in cooking and house decor (my two important segments in life btw 😉 ) has advanced himself with this page – Visit his web yourself and discover many other interesting stuff that he does out of his own hobbies. And yet, they are very simply and sweetly done. Bravo Umar.

Errr…. this video below is eventually done upon my request. Hehe.. thanks Umar. You are simply the best.  Keep up the good work eh.

And to the rest of you, this video is a big help really for me and hopefully it will do you too.  Eventually me, kids and bibik have alwayyyyyyyyyyyssssssss find it bit ‘messy’ to fold the sheets and we got like like tons of it (sigh).

So, lets see how he does it. 

Senang jer rupanya…

Sometimes, you just need to learn from the expert eh !

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