Zana’s Birthday – Feb 10, 2008


Since I love birth days like sooooooo much (hehe), Im coming up with another category for my blog – Birthday Birthday.

I figured blogging is one way of strengthening our friendship really.

For starters with this new category of mine, it was my dear friend’s birth day yesterday. Her name is Zana a.k.a meliathewhite at my blog here. 

I was triggered actually by another friend Sherry about it while I was busy cooking yesterday. I quickly grabbed my phone and sent her my lovely birthday wish. To which, she replied how touchy she was that I remembered. Sigh.

So to her, happy happy birthday! We love you so much and May Allah bless you with His blessings. As for us, our doa would be for your happiness, wealth and health. Please take care of what you eat Sis (reminding myself also of course) 😉

Hope you had fun ya.

2 Replies to “Zana’s Birthday – Feb 10, 2008”

  1. its d thought that matters d most my dear…
    knowing dat u ol wishing me well and happiness all year round – remembering me on my special day.. wat else i need 🙂

    thanks to all my dearest frenz


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