What Have I Done

God it has been one hell of a weekend cum CNY break for me and us. Macam-macam ada.

Well, everybody has gone back now including my girl, back to her school. Hmm.. we argue a lot but this is one soul I missed most at this moment. Weird huh.

We were @ MPH Bookstore on Saturday as part of the ‘sejuta’ other things that we did.

I never actually ‘like’ this place. Books and me are simply a wrong match, but motherhood has taken me one step further – doing things for other people and since ‘these’ are the set of people that I love more then myself 🙂 I ended up enjoying myself as well – not by reading tho but just by watching them !. This batalion of mine has always brought smile to my face. They would be reading to each other, run on each other and fought over a book with each other!. I guess, ‘fun’ is the word for them whenever they were there surrounded by thousands of books and toys.

My robust son, Razin eventually pulled down the whole of a portable book rack! (errr… sori guys – this is kinda ‘his‘ thing really).

We also, later that night went to this so called pasar malam-petaling street ala ala-streetwalk-whatever you want to call it– in Danau Kota, Gombak. Heard much about it, but never actually went till that day lah. Hey, not too bad of a place really. I did not buy anything but my Singaporean relatives ended buying few stuff. Met some old friends there also.

By the time were driving home, I glanced at my watch and it was already 3 am in the morning. Wow.. what a night eh.

As I am writing this now, I just realized I got this ‘tiny’ headache and my shoulder hurts.  My arwah mom used to call this, “tidur salah bantal”. Kesian bantal tuh … for all that you know, I tidur without bantal pun… Sigh.

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