I’m Too Small For School


Just to share this.

A friend was asking for a piece of advice from me this morning. (Err.. I hope he is actually in his state of waras-self while actually asking me for advice 😀 ).

Well, anyway…  his concern was whether should or should not he be sending his 3 year old to Tadika. Hmm.. I thought this is easy eh. I got few experiences myself, so I am  indeed  ‘the person’ to ask.

My first question to him was that, did you, yourself went to tadika then?, I mean when you were a small boy. And he was laughingly replied nope.

Me neither 😛


Thing is, I always have this constant belief and my tawakal in rezeki to ourselves. So does our kids, InsyAlllah.

So, straight away my advice to him is a BIG NO. (However, I make sure, I was using ‘me’ instead of ‘you’). I know this is still his kid so he will have the final say but what ‘I’ thought was this and that.

Sometimes we parent worry extensively of our kids not being brilliant or competent enough to compete with world out there. I must admit, I worry about it as well and its like ALL THE TIME and I am aware this is a common worry.

I hope what I told him today is actually what I told myself – kids will have their rezeki as well. Teach them but dont rush them.

3 years is where they need to be spoilt with milk, sleep, cartoons, hugs, kisses, laughs, play ‘poo poo’, hide and seek, toys, games but school??? I dont want to be in school at 3 !!!! Enjoy them as they wont stay at 3 forever anyway.

I remembered my boy, Razin instantly while talking to him about this (Razin is eventually also 3 this year). If anybody ask him about school, I am the one who would immediately answer on ‘his behalf’ – NO NO NO. So asked him in his good mood today –  if he wants to go school,  his good answer would simply be NO. 🙂

Thing is, my own experience with this is that, come the actual time when they need to be school and they simply lost the interest ! I have seen it happen to many friends and relatives around me. Then everybody become stress with their kids and themselves. Erks…

Sometimes, we have this fear in us – of passing up a good opportunity with our kids and we feel this need to hide this feeling to ourselves and beginning to make unnessary decisions for such a small ‘teddies’. hehehe

My kids when they were small then would beg and beg for school, and I just simply gave them my ignorant look. I simply said – your time will come for school. Just wait and dont rush.

My 2 cent worth. And hope its worth it.

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