It Was Cold This Morning

It has been a wet day since yesterday. It was still drizzling this morning when I got up. Sejuknya…

But since I ve promised my son already, and as we both are very determined to loose our weight, I dragged myself out of my bed and duvet, and we still went and jog.

My better half got us another bicycle yesterday as a ‘gesture’ of support for me to take care of my health?? , so this morning,  me and my son cycled to the taman. Usually, I m on my foot while he cycled.

It felt so cooling and nice to breath the morning air. Can even smell the cleanliness.

Actually this is already our second weekend jogging and cycling. Proudly, this week, I managed to finish 3 rounds of my tiny padang there on foot doing my brisk walking and jogging. Not bad eh. Hehe

Tapi yang tak tahannya, bila kita sampai rumah, our beloved bibik dah goreng nasi la pulak!! Ish dia nie…  Arghhhh….. spoil betul lah.

We washed our hand and kaki and headed to the kitchen for our ehem ehem nasi goreng breakfast and of course teh tarik?

Bibik was like, “… err kesian nyer orang pergi jogging, lapar..” with this ‘huge’ smile on her face.

Hmmmm. I have this guilt no doubt in my heart but we still finish our plate…

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