She will be better then me

She was colouring her book. One bird was coloured black.

Ibu     : Sayang, where got bird black colour. Its ugly sayang. Put la red, brown or perhaps even pink.

She continued to colour. Never look at me but replied.

Syaza : Got la ibu. Pagi pagi ada bird black colour kat tempat sampah.

oops… it must Gagak.., Slipped of my ‘short memory’. yeah, you are rite darling. I am so proud of you. Obviously you will do better then me in life, insyaAllah 🙂

3 thoughts on “She will be better then me

  1. ko kata ugly babe.. Kat iklan si Rain tuh kata.. “hitam nampak kemas” and many years back ada lak.. “hitam itu menawan” ahaks


  2. Try take a colouring book darling
    preferably tadika ones
    colour anything in black
    be honest
    tell me if its nice eh 🙂
    (except for ‘rambut’ la of course)


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