Boss, Its your Birthday !!


He may be a BOSS but he is one of the most reasonable person Ive known. Could not ask for more really. The most happening boss he is…

On my personal note, I have learnt alot from him. He gives me tremendous ideas, let it be about work, life or anything at all and encourages me to give my ideas also in return.

He gives all the spaces in the world for me to just be myself in the office. He understands that mistakes do happen and give me all the opportunity to be back on my feet again and move forward. He is however,  almost a perfectionist.

Oh and since he has alot of ongoing projects and assignments in his mind, he usually need a lot of reminders from me (afterall thats what secretaries do huh).

(Bukan membodek eh, err tapi a good round of Bonus would be nice …) 😉

But WHAT MATTERS,  is that today is his birthday @ 28 February 2008 ! So, to Adnan Ismail Sire..


Bring It ON


I am a normal Malaysian.

And I have my dissapointments of course being one. Lots of issues that I wish the ruling party would have done better and improved.

However, I have never been more proud but to be a Malaysian. I am sure, it is not an easy task to please each and everyone of us anyway..

And as the election news and banners becoming the current phenomenal at almost every tiang letrik and lampu, or jalan or traffic-light or almost anything at all, nowadays… (sigh),  I tot it would add on to some fun today to just share this one with you guys. I cant help but to smile reading it….

Hope you will share the same smile, when you read here  😀

(Sape yang paham, fahamlah.. my Singaporeans cousins sure nganga la tuh…gasaklah korang. hahaha).

I Been Away


 Kia Ora people.

Life has been on a hectic schedule for the past few days.

My lil kido is not feeling too well. Down with viral fever and soon also, he had this huge blister inside his tiny mouth. Poor my manja boy…

He is now on his road to recovery tho. Alhamdulillah. And this morning, heard the other sister complaining about him already.  He is okay dah la tuh… (since he is back at his usual self membuli semua orang kat rumah 🙂 )

And, as I am typing this morning, however, my throat hurts and I think I am going to catch flu myself soon. Hmm…

Weather has not been helping neither.

Anyway, I was reading Star this morning and landed at this one interesting article and I would like to share it here.

Xandria Ooi wrote, – One thing I have come to realise is that it would be difficultf for me to be with a man who has all the amazing qualities that I see, if I am not already, or willing to work on being the same kind of person….

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J Lo Got A Twin

To leave you with this breaking news for the weekend.

Why I post this one? I simply like JLo. 


AP – Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins early Friday, making the singer and husband Marc Anthony the parents of a boy and a girl after one of pop music’s most closely watched pregnancies, People reported.

Lopez’ manager, Simon Fields. said the musical couple’s babies were born at 12:45 a.m. Friday on New York’s Long Island, the magazine’s Web site reported. The location was not identified.

“Jennifer and Marc are delighted, thrilled and over the moon,” Fields told the magazine.

Lopez’ publicists and agent did not return telephone calls from The Associated Press early Friday.

Ending months of speculation, Lopez confirmed her pregnancy at a Miami concert in November. Her father, David Lopez, told Telefutura’s “Escandalo TV” earlier this month that the 39-year-old singer was expecting twins.

Lopez and Antony, 38, married in 2004. Her hits include “If You Had My Love” and “Jenny from the Block”; his singles include “I Need to Know.” Both have recorded in both English and Spanish.

The twins are her first children, and his third and fourth.

Razin & Atok (Our Treasured Moment)


Razin Anakanda
Akan datang ketika kamu akan rindu pada waktu yang ada
Dan pada waktu yang kamu alpa
Tika Atok menyapamu mesra
Kala Atok mendakapmu hiba

Rapikan ingatanmu
Utuhkan hormatmu
Helakan ucapmu Wahai Anakandaku
Buat Atok mu itu

Razin Anakandaku
Kamu dari generasi yang satu
Dan Atok adalah pendahulu mu
Ibu Doakan keduanya selama bersatu


hani, Feb 2108

Sports Carnival a.k.a. Fun


(The ONE who bawak bendera is my son, Hazim 🙂 )

sport1.jpg  sport2.jpg  sport3.jpg

It was my kids @ Hazim and Sarah’s sports day @ Sekolah Keb. Seksyen 2, Bandar Kinrara on Sunday, 17 February 2008.

My son, Hazim won the Gold Medal for the Melontar Peluru event for the year 5 student. Yaaay… we are so proud of him and we all are very excited about it. He also helped his Pasukan Putra Kuning to win the bronze medal for Tarik Tali event. Yaaay again 😀 You are the man boy !!

Okay now here come the hillarous part of the event. Hehe.

I must admit eversince my other girl, Miza got her 5As in her UPSR in 2006, the teachers at the school have somehow or rather became buddy buddy with me. Huh? 😉 I am sure you guys understand how this kinda thing work rite.

Its cool sometimes I think. Many of my urusan sekolah has become easier as well. But the ‘not so cool’ part was that come time like sukan or mesyuarat PIBG in the school, the teachers would always be on the ‘look out’ for you.

Its like, “eh mana mak miza, mana ayah miza”.. you know that kinda thing. God it can be iritating sometimes really.

So, last Sunday punya sport event, once again, me and few other moms became the ‘moms on the look out-again’….

The acara kemuncak of the sports carnival was acara sukan for parents-and-teachers.

Hmmm… i guess you are reading me already. Yupp… I was again on their look out and end up participated in the Tarik Tali event and the 4×100. 

(Can I have my laugh first??? hahahahahah)..  😀 he he (nak ketawa golek golek rasanya).

But we all had fun really.  And we were not too bad neither. The parents telah menyapu bersih semua pingat pingat (ahaks) yang dipertandingkan !. Let it be for both the moms or the dads. We, moms – eventually won the tarik tali event and my team won the bronze for the 4 x 100 event for moms.

Oh and I just need to mention this, few of the parents (including me definitely – appreciate to note that we were in our jeans and heels???). hehe.

Like I said, we had fun.