My Story To Tell

Shortly before I went out for lunch today, I was chatting with a friend and we both agreed how manusia will never change. But they rather improved – either to be better or vice versa and I totally agree with him.

Then I for my lunch appointment with my dear old school friend in PJ.  We have not met in ages and we ended up having good lunch and good laugh. We were glad that we did it, like the way we put it, we both love the reminiscence of the good old days.

I must say here that she is doing very well in Avon International and I am indeed proud of her.  She is one brilliant contoh of how people dont really change but improve. And in her case, she has advanced greatly in her life.  She was one of my coursemate way back in UiTM (it was ITM then) in Kelantan.

For some reasons, she did not manage to finish the course then together with the rest of us.  But that never actually stop her at anything!  She got up from the fall and further her studies elsewhere and emerged as one of the best student there !

She was often mistaken for her loudness. She spoke her mind and end up with less friends then others (So am I) – ( I might be wrong here though- hehe).  Her today still like that – has not change a bit. She still speak her mind (So am I) and I am sure not many people usually like us this way.

She simply has not changed but improved. Tremendously !!

And looking at her today makes me realize that it does not really matter if you drop the ball, it is how you pick up the ball that is important.

Walking into her very own huge office this aftenoon, make me realize that how far she has advanced despite of what happened many many years back in her life.  She deserved this really, and Bravo Sue!!

From where I am standing right now, her garden definitely looks greener.  I guess that is pretty normal huh.

So anyway,  done with that part. Another part is that since,  I am a true KL-ian 🙂 (ehem ehem) so public holiday it is for me tomorrow. Nice…

Long weekend it is for me and some of us I am sure.  Have a good break and rest guys and happy working to others..

Till we see each other again, here of course – take care.

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