My Weekend a.k.a Super Tiiirrreeddd…

This one particular weekend has either been tiring or tiring.

My bibik was on a weekend cuti and I took care of sejuta menda!! from cooking and cooking-(never ending, with tea and all)-washing-tidying with the list continues… These were simultaneously with my little boy Razin, still being potty-trained at the very same time.Argh.

Bearing in mind, my better half was away on a weekend seminar (whats new anyway nowadays) and left me single-handedly handling the WHOLEEE batalion.  And not to forget to mention that my parents-in-law are also with us with my bed-ridden dad-in-law and sickly mother-in-law.

One word lingered in my mind at all time – tired, penatnyer, tired?, penatnya.. 

And.. my anak sedara and adik ipar with their respective families were also at my place yesterday.

To begin with, my Sarah pulled out another two of her front teeth bravely on Friday night (proud of her) but ended up being moody the whole night because of her swollen lips. My guess, she tought it would be permanent???


… And of course, her two parrots underneath being photographed with the similar act.

(These two guys follow like almost ‘everything’ that Sarah does – poor Sarah eh but please bear with these two ‘parrots’ – they are stiil your siblings…  😛   They loveeeee you and only want to be with you?

weekend-081.jpg  weekend-082.jpg

and the rest of ‘few’ activities of the kids : WELCOME TIREDNESS….



weekend-100.jpg pool@ our very  own garage.


… our tiny little guests for the day..

oh and of course, not to mention our outdoor activies as well. We went out Saturday evening with other set of activities, unfortunately I did not get them photographed.

Later that evening @ maghrib time yesterday, when everyone had eventually left, my better half ‘finally’ got back home and asked if I want to go out and have coffee. I was like WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?

.. I cant even blink, elo? ???

My bibik came back much later last night and went straight to her bed.

Hmm…  and I was thinking…   I am indeed truly the bibik for the entire weekend huh???


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