I Am Too Accommodating


Blame it on aging or whatever but I am just plainly exhausted. Almost with everything.

I realized how people of the world are different from one another.  God knows why for that.

As for me, I think I have been very accommodating for lot of people, either people around me or people in my life. In return, mostly they are nice but many has taken me for granted as well.  Sigh.  They seem to have this crazy idea to treat people however they wished. And I just had enough.

Perhaps it is about the right time for me to navigate and become bolder.

I have accomplished many things in my life, Alhamdulillah And I speak my mind.  I however, am careful not to hurt people’s feeling but only ended getting hurt ??

Probably I should have not been ‘too’ kind and ‘too’ accommodating. Too much of everything is obviously bad and hazardous to health and life!

I’d spare my utmost respect for those who has been kind in my life and I love them, sincerely and unconditionally.

Right this very moment, I felt Im being taken for granted and mistreated. Life is indeed not fair eh sometimes.

Well, anyway, gone 2007 and here I am today embracing 2008.  And I do not wish to be the same ‘accommodating’ me !  Adios old hani, welcome new soul.

There! said it!

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